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Welcome to Guitar Search! This service is brought to you by OrangeGuitar.com. We understanding that sometimes it is hard to find certain guitar at your local store. This is why we feel we can help.

OrangeGuitar.com has a wide network of guitar suppliers around the world. There is no guarantee, but we will do our best to assist. The best part of it is that this search is entirely free of charge right until you decide to purchase the guitar! Please note that items that are found are not physically with OrangeGuitar.com but with it's respective owner/shop. 

Check out items we have found here.

How Guitar Search works:

  1. Drop us a mail here with these information:
    • Description of the guitar, e.g. brand, model, colour etc.
    • Let us know if you are only interested in an exact match to your requirements or you do not mind certain deviation.
    • Your country* of residence. This will give you an idea of the cost of shipping** the guitar to you.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement from us that we have received your inquiry and the search at OrangeGuitar.com begins.
  3. Once we have found the guitar matching your specifications above, we will drop you a mail giving you a description of what we have found. 
  4. If further interest is indicated, we will mail you pictures of the guitar and the total cost (price of guitar + shipping cost**) of getting this guitar to you.
  5. Finally if you decide to purchase the guitar, payment will have to be made at this point. Instructions on payment will be given during the correspondence. A fee of SGD$30 (Singapore dollars) will be applicable on top of the cost of the guitar quoted in step 4 above. If you are a buyer located in Singapore steps 6 and 7 below will not apply. Please note that the search fee of SGD$30 is applicable to all section of Guitar Search, which includes Guitars found.
  6. The guitar will be shipped out to you from Singapore after receiving your payment. A shipping receipt will be sent to you with a tracking number for the location of your parcel.
  7. Shipping times are dependent on your location. You will be advised during the correspondence process.
Unfortunately, local buyers too will not be able to try out the guitars found in our Guitar Search before buying as guitars found will be shipped direct from the location only upon confirmation of purchase. If trying the guitar is a must, please visit our "Guitars In Stock" section for the stock already in our inventory.

For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


*For buyers located in Singapore, there will be no shipping cost incurred.
** Shipping cost includes full insurance of guitar.