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Here are some of the comments from our customers : 
Thank you for your time and patience. The Gibson Les Paul Standard, I got from you was really good quality piece and now I just can't stop playing it. This is one of my best guitar buying experience. All the Best to your Sales.

16th August 2008

Thanks for being so patient with me while i tried out the guitars to decide which to buy. Wonderful service and my best guitar buying experience so far! Merry Christmas.

23rd December 2006

Hi people,
Just a thank you note because your site was very helpful when I was looking at guitars and for the information you've given people - even though they never got anything from you. THANK YOU.

Ben Rayner
12th March 2006
Thank you for your patience and willingness to help in every single way possible, definitely something that made the experience a better one! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends, keep up the good service!

8th December 2005
I just wanted you to know I'm very thankful you came into possession of that Orville by Gibson Les Paul, and then I happened to discover your website, and I purchased that fine instrument. I have been playing it for hours. Guitar players know there are many fine instruments in the world. They look good. They sound good. They play good. But very few have that magical connection quality to them.

I'm a 52 year old man - I'll be 53 actually as the New Year comes in - and I've held, played, heard a lot of guitars in my life.
The Cherry Sunburst Les Paul I received from you has that magical quality for me. That neck is so smooth and easy. The tone so excellent....

Ken Pullen
Lakewood, Ohio
4th December 2005