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Hi! A warm welcome to you. It is our pleasure to share these information. However, because there are no official history on these companies, they are written to the best of our knowledge and experience. We too are learning as we progress and would ask for you to use these information at your own discretion.

If you know of additional information or any errors, please help us as well as others reading from our site by writing in to us

Background of Tokai

Tokai started their lawsuit business in the 70's. Amongst all the lawsuit guitars, Tokai is the most widely known amongst all it's lawsuit counterparts. However it's fame is not because it is better in quality, but I feel it is because they were good at their marketing strategy. They are the only company that market their guitars aggressively beyond the Japanese borders whereas the other brands were meant mainly for the domestic market. 

What's in a Tokai?

Unlike all the other Japanese make, Tokai do not have their own pickups but uses Dimarzios on their LPs.

Tokai Registry

There are excellent resources about Tokai at the Tokai Registry. Visit them for more information on this great lawsuit copy.