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Local buyers

For more information or appointment to view the guitars, you may contact us.

International buyers

If you are an international buyer, please note that I will only accept these few modes of payment:

1. Western Union Money Transfer
2. Bank wire transfer (SWIFT)

However, if you have any other suggested modes of payment, please write in to us for consideration.

Prices listed for the respective guitars do not include shipping and insurance. The buyer will also need to bear in mind other extra cost like their country's import taxes and charges incurred for transferring of payment, e.g. bank fees, commission etc. These are not reflected in our prices.

Shipping charges is dependent on location, weight of guitar and the type of shipping the buyer wish to employ. We will ship the guitar out within 48 hours of receiving payment. Shipping discounts can be given if buyers purchase guitars in multiples of two and ship to the same location. Please e-mail us for exact shipping charges. Do note that shipping prices change from time to time, hence a quote to you today may be different a couple of months down.